Catchup and update #1 – Free Music!

First things first – nope, there’s no catch… Free music from Carbonish is now available on the web right now!

So much has been happening over the last few months, and so I need to do a catch up.

I guess the first big news is that all my ‘early’ works are either already or very soon to be (for the ones not there yet) to be released on Bandcamp for download on a Free/Pay What You Want arrangement.

Currently there are 2 EP’s up, Carbonism and Uploader. Both are demo level EP’s covering some of the work from the first 18 months of production. An additional5 track EP will be ready soon with the third installment of my early material. This will draw a line in the sand ready for the next EP… more news soon!

These 3 EP’s are basically what the bigger established bands do once they make it famous, to release early demo’s and rarities, except I can’t be doing with that and so i’m getting it out of the way now. If you head to my BandCamp page it’ll be there, waiting. And if you like it enough or feel so inclined you are able to offer me cold hard cash for my efforts too! No catch. So get on there and enjoy it! You’ll find my page and a hint to further news here…

Carbonish on BandCamp

Thanks for listening.





~ by carbonishsound on 07/11/2013.

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