Carbonformed developments

So the getting down of vocals has proven to be no easy feat. It always sounds good and right when the idea is running through your head but to then transfer that to ‘tape’ for the first time opens up so many issues, foremost of which is the kind of voice you have!
Not having a bad voice (so i’m told) but having the lack of confidence of a true vocal noob, i entered this phase with a few doubts and wasn’t expecting wonders first take. Also, not wanting to sound like a karaoke singer on a dark, industrial track, i quickly realised i need to do a bit of processing before committing to the final mix.

I guess in a way i’m lucky in that the vocal needs to be quite gritty and harsh, and so a little crushing and distortion add a fair bit of protection to any ego i had, but it adds a world of hurt when mixing such harsh sounds with the vocal track. Swings and roundabouts! So not yet having the confidence to drive through the Darklight vocals i allowed myself to get sidetracked by some new demo’s to practise on.

With the new demo’s under my belt, it’s time to put what i learned in to practise and get back to finishing off Darklight and getting it completed.

Watch this space….



~ by carbonishsound on 15/04/2014.

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