After a childhood listening to the dubious delights of either Barry Manilow, Cliff Richard or Showaddywaddy, the end of the 70’s as a pre-teen started exposing me to a new variety of sounds. Initially this came in the form of Ska, courtesy of my elder brother, but I was drawn towards the new electronic noises coming from early Ultravox, Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark and the inimitable Tubeway Army.

After hearing this new form of song, of sound, something urged me towards these new creators culminating in me getting a ticket to see Numan in 1980, my first ever gig and total life-changer.

The moment the lights went down and the throb of those early electronic basslines hit me full force (I’d managed to get myself just a few metres from the PA) I wasn’t going to look back at what i’d been brought up on, but look forward to a new electronic era, less about any ego, just the intriguing, alien noise. I vowed that i would one day, somehow, try and link into this whole vibe where the sound affects you as much as words do.

Within a couple of years I’d managed to convince my parents to give me a loan and went off to buy my first synth, a Moog Rogue. Monophonic, fat, bassy. A strange way to teach yourself music, but any way would suit me, and it made the noises i wanted to hear and taught me to create sound without relying on any preset patches or memories.
Soon after I picked up a cheap Crumar Trilogy, a string/organ/synth… weak sounding, cheap, but polyphonic!
With these I joined my first (short lived) band, covering anything alternative at the time, Joy Division, Sex pistols, Balham & the Angel. The singer had a stutter but sung/shouted brilliantly. Several bands later, leaving school, earning and able to get a loan, a few things started to change…

With a couple of mates and a loan each, we set ourselves up with enough of a studio to have a serious stab at making something good happen. Initial forays were quite childish, but it slowly evolved and improved and we managed to press our own LP to send around and get some feedback. Unfortunately a few things got in the way and the whole thing imploded. One thing the whole episode taught me was self reliance. Walking away from that was a hard lesson, but it left me owning enough of a studio to carry on, flying solo.

Over the next few years, through to the mid-nineties, I carried on, delving in and writing a bit more, coming to the realisation that writing was what I wanted to be doing, performing really wasn’t where my heart was.

Then, the inevitable steps in life occurred and the musical involvement within my life naturally faded as other, more important things occurred. There was still a faint yearning, an occasional dabbling, but life was too busy, family always comes first, career needed attention and debts had to paid.

And then in 2011 there were rumours that iPad and iPhones were able to do things musically. My interest was piqued. An iOS artist, Smite Matter, was preparing to release his first iOS only album and others were putting music onto Soundcloud. And it was good! I jumped in and learned to tread water…

My lifestyle leads me to write on the road mainly, and at work in the middle of the North Sea with some unusual inspirational surroundings, in airports and hotels, allowing homelife to continue and to push towards the dream of one day getting something released or used somewhere, to be able to say ‘that was me!’ with a little pride, a feeling of completeness.

So now things are rekindled, songs are forthcoming once again and I feel a sense of achievement in the tracks and demo’s that I am producing once more. The iOS scene is vibrant, a raft of genres is being creatively added to from guys and their mobile devices, Smite Matter, ZenZan, Zaxis, MichaelW, Pants of Death, Jesper Jones, Doucetephemere, Caustic Sunshine, so many others, all producing quality music, pushing the boundaries. Gradually the interest in these guys is increasing, and rightly so. These are great guys with great ideas and pushing the boundaries, showcasing some of the best that is possible on mobile devices. I just hope to be good enough to be included in with these guys and their productions.

So, if you feel so inclined, communicate or follow me through the following media…

Twitter – _Carbonish

Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/carbonish

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Carbonish

Email me at carbonish@live.co.uk

All i hope is you enjoy all that you find here.
Thank you.


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